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The Mall had been turned into a funfair for the weekend, with a vastly better class of rides than we get in E There was a traditional carousel, New years eve caught pissing Dr Plokta used to formulate a theory that one in six people are nutters. His explanation was that one in six of the horses on the carousel turned out, on closer examination, New years eve caught pissing be a rooster.

Everyone tried to explain that poultry were traditional. Bids were invited to be the first suicidal nutters of the new millennium.

I confess I was tempted. The bungee ball is advertised as "suitable for even the most timid bungee-jumpers". This is a concept like "the tamest saber-toothed tigers" or "the soberest Tobes", but never mind. And it had been set up right outside Clarence House; "I'd ask for a Adelgazar 20 kilos rebate if I had that outside my palace", said a passer by.

Steve, you may not know, is Plokta 's Official Worrier.

If worrying were an Olympic sport, Steve could Worry for Britain. I have caught rabbits in the headlamps of my car wearing more confident expressions than Steve's early that evening.

At this point, New years eve caught pissing like to mention that I don't like crowds, loud music or strobe lights due to my epilepsy. It was a vision of Hell.

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If I were New years eve caught pissing religious type, by now I'd be preparing to foreswear everything that makes life fun and retiring to live under a waterfall, dressed in a hair shirt and living on water and crackers. It's true that the crowd was unusually good-natured and fairly sober. Most of the pubs were shut, but this hadn't stopped people from bring in supplies of booze. Every other dark corner had men, or even women, pissing against the wall, having sex or just collapsed in a heap.

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The gutters flowed with beer, urine and broken glass. Fairground rides flashed flickering New years eve caught pissing over the surrounding area. I shut my eyes and let the others guide me in the direction of Trafalgar Square. However, strobe lights turned out to be the least of our problems. Armed with a tactical nuclear stroller, Alison forged her way through the crowds, heading inexorably down towards the river. The crowds got more and more dense.

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We should New years eve caught pissing fitted scythes to the wheels of the stroller. It was due to the queues: Blokes, on the other hand, were peeing everywhere. I have never seen so many men standing around pissing against just about any object that didn't move out of the way fast enough. We realised that along New years eve caught pissing the general din, a more insistent and regular beat could not so much be heard as felt, pounding in one's viscerae.

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It was the kind of effect a Dark Lord would send out to strike fear into the vitals of his hapless victims, before his dread army moved in to mop them up. Any sane person would turn and flee.

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It was like charging into molasses. We New years eve caught pissing grimly for a while, trying desperately not to lose sight of each other. The press got worse, Steve's expression darker and darker, the pounding became more and more like something intended to induce spontaneous abortions.

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Various passersby, seeing what looked like an empty space in front of Alison, tried to move into it New years eve caught pissing bashed their ankles. When they looked down to see a little round face gazing up at them from the depths of a bright pink plastic Barbie raincoat, their eyes widened in amazement.

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The cabal formed a phalanx and rescued the babe; who just laughed and laughed. Some revelers gave up their secret: Others were not so lucky. So how do actual New Yorkers brave the New years eve caught pissing drop? One police officer on duty put it best: Share this article: Share Selection.

Keith J. Steve Cuozzo. Now On Now on Page Six. Video length 1 minute 33 seconds 1: Somehow Whitney, Nikki and I managed to stay together but lose the others.


After some of us hyperventilating because we were being smushed so badly my group decided to turn back and we finally got ahold of some of the boys to turn back as well. During this point in time I New years eve caught pissing I was going to die.

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Here is when I saw the New years eve caught pissing thing I have every seen. I watched the baby lay in the stroller jolting around and looking lifeless. The people around me screamed at the couple in shock. They wanted to get closer.

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This pushed me over the edge and I started freaking out. When we approached the checkpoint and did not seem to make any progress, a police officer pulled me into the ticketed area like the jaws of life. It was like night and day; New years eve caught pissing went from being not able to breath because it was so crowded, to an area where you could do cartwheels!

New years eve caught pissing

I surprised that there was no line. When I came out I saw a little bar off to the side and ordered 2 drinks. I had never been so happy to see Wade.

But he was surprisingly fine and reminded me that he was pretty tall and could oversee the crowd. Nikki and Mandi then asked me New years eve caught pissing the bathrooms were and I showed them, turns out I went into the VIP area New years eve caught pissing we were not allowed to enter again. I guess I looked like I was on a mission before and no one bothered to stop me.

They had a nice spread of good greasy american food that we grubbed on. We all became super relaxed and the night actually turned into what we had imagined. We had no problems getting drinks and there was plenty of room and space for us to move around. At We were happy to see the street was pretty spacey and found our spot.

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I guess amongst my excitement I had elbowed an old lady, and in return she punched me in the chest. I had no idea why she hit me and just looked at her.

New years eve caught pissing

She then told me that she was supposed to come here with her husband but he had died earlier in the year. Wade had some tears. Finally it was time to watch the ball drop and we had a perfect view. New years eve caught pissing was perfect and I was so happy Wade and I got to see it together.

Once again another moment. From your pictures I can say that you had enjoyed your trip a lot! Native New Yorkers never get involved with this nonsense.

Years pissing New eve caught

Though, I do suspect you are not a native New Yorker, native New Yorkers usually don't spew such vitriol re "bridge and tunnel" people. I love when out-of-towners, who have moved to NYC, call people from the outer boroughs "bridge and tunnel pieces of shit", this is not an expression which native New Yorkers New years eve caught pissing.

It's a lot of standing around.

Pissing caught years New eve

Make friends with the people around you or bring someone who's as nuts as you are, whom you could talk to for hours, because you will be. Make no mistake, this idea is literally insane and ill-advised, and you will wonder what you were thinking during the actual experience, but the most interesting and colorful I mean that figuratively, calm down people can be found in Times Square on NYE.

It helps to remember that when it's 2 hours to midnight and you want to leave more than you want to draw your next breath.

I'm a really quiet, reserved person the other nights of New years eve caught pissing year but NYE is my one little contradiction: Coworker went this past New New years eve caught pissing.

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She said it was a big waste. You had musical acts come out once an hour for a few minutes, then you just stood around waiting.

Pissing eve New years caught

As for bathrooms - good luck. Can't even get into any businesses to use one. And no portable terlets, either.

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Dick Clark!! Is he here?!?

Email Plokta Send us your comments. Plokta Index List of New years eve caught pissing issues of Plokta online. News and views for SF fandom. One wet Thursday in November I was sitting on a tube train, reading idly about London's plans for the Y2K celebrations. Like most people, I didn't really have any clear idea of how we were going to spend New Year's Eve. But an "artist's impression" in the Evening Standard caught my imagination. A foot River of Fire would light up the Thames. All sex games Caught New pissing eve years.

The last time I saw him his balls had dropped so low to the ground I wanted to shout out "Happy New Year! A group of my friends went out to eat beforehand then New years eve caught pissing to go through all the checkpoints to stand in Times Square.

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Several years ago, my teenaged niece and her boyfriend came to stay with me from Flyover land for a few days over New Years. They had their hearts set on going to Times Square but I said no way.

Not only did I not want to go, but I forbade them from going. We had New years eve caught pissing a fight over it.

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I said, look, you can sit here and sulk and ruin your vacation or I can show you a real New York New Years. They relented.

At about 8 pm we walked over to Times Square, it was New years eve caught pissing 12 degrees. It was already too crowded and none of the festivities even started yet. People were bumbling around being annoying. Then we went to a jazz club where a friend was performing, then back to my place for a party with a few friends that got a little crazy but so much fun, and New years eve caught pissing into New Years Day brunch with Bloodies and omelets.

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Besides, when again would I have a free place to stay in NYC for new years and have some of my best friends by my side? I made the decision months prior but it took some convincing New years eve caught pissing Wade to agree to come along for the ride. Our ticket New years eve caught pissing open premuim bar from 8pm-1am, a buffett of munchies, music, party favors and most importantly a blocked off section for us to see the ball drop! I had brought my computer with me this time but the free wifi proved to not be of the best quality. We tried to watch the Terra Nova episode we missed but only could watch about 6 seconds at a time before it freezing. Braless working out photos Pissing New caught years eve.

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January 1, 2: New years eve caught pissing tourist Sallie Anderson, 29, said the temps were balmy compared with where she spent the holiday last year — the South Pole. The Dietas rapidas ever was 7 below zero, in While the temps might have been too much to lure many New Yorkers out to the spectacle, the area was teeming with tourists. Lea Webber, 18, noshed on gingerbread ice cream as the thermometer teetered at 13 degrees just before 6 p. Minnesotan Matthew Frank New years eve caught pissing to augment his sweat shirt, jacket, winter hat and gloves by fattening himself up on a dinner of 10 chicken legs and six biscuits after a hearty helping of bacon for breakfast. They were all by the pool. Amateur night invasion Years pissing caught New eve.

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